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The Complete Pet Company is 100% Australian owned and produces the “Complete Meal”, a nutritious, ethical, delicious, raw, frozen dog and cat food.

The Complete Pet Company’s “Complete Meal” provides ethical alternatives for every canine and feline owner without the use of factory farmed meats or preservatives.

All prices for the Complete Meal food for dogs and cats can be found in our online shop, just click the shop link at the end of the top menu bar.

Why use the “Complete Meal”?

Have you ever thought about where meat comes from?
What preservatives are in the dog & cat food you are using right now? 
Dry (Kibble) or Raw! (BARF)

The “Complete Meal” for dogs and cats is not only the best pet food on the market, it has also been carefully developed using Cruelty Free Meats and all human-grade ingredients.

Not only do we care about pets consuming our healthy meals, we also care about the animals that are used to create our healthy meals.

Too many companies today are producing Raw Dog Food and Raw Cat Food, that contains meat from animals that have lived in appalling conditions are transported inhumanely and have endured unnecessary pain and suffering.

What we say is in the “Complete Meal”, is in the “Complete Meal” and we DO NOT mix our meats.

The Complete Pet Company is not just a raw, organic, natural dog and cat food company, it is a company that is motivated to change the way we think, feel, act, treat and communicate with all animals.

Next time you are purchasing dog or cat food, please consider those animals less fortunate than our loved and cared for pets.;">

The Completely Natural Pet & People Centre

The Completely Natural Pet & People Centre is a collaboration between The Complete Pet Company , Complete Canine Communication (Pure Dog Listening) and Essential Oils for Pets and People with a focus on alternative products and natural therapies for animals and their owners.

Treatments include canine behaviour, raw ethical dog food, doTERRA essential oils, homeopathy, herbs and nutritional supplements.





“To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest” Mahatma Gandhi
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